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Molly the Pirate by Teece and Seden

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Molly the Pirate is a swashbuckling tale that will delight anyone who ever wanted to be a pirate. Young Molly’s imagination knows no bounds when she transforms her Australian backyard into an adventure playground on the high seas. Molly conjures up a pirate ship on her inland horizon and takes her loyal cat and dog along for the ride as she rows across the choppy ocean to the unsuspecting pirates. On board, she meets a feisty crew of salty buccaneers who look suspiciously like her own farmyard chickens. They are no match for Molly’s daring exploits as she walks the plank, dances jolly jigs, scrambles up the rigging (or is that a clothesline?) and steers the ship like a true seafaring adventurer.

Paul Seden’s witty illustrations pop off the page. His visual storytelling is a standout and children will love searching for objects from Molly’s real world that take on a hilarious new purpose in this jaunty pirate story.



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Lorraine Teece is an Elder of the Alyawarra people from Central Australia. She is an accomplished artist and her work is held in collections in Australia and overseas. She is the author of several books and has many academic achievements. She is currently undertaking her PhD.

Paul Seden is descended from the Wuthathi and Muralag people of North Queensland. He grew up in Darwin and he loves to draw and tell stories.

Paul works as a Fisheries Officer and he is inspired by the adventures he has with his family in the creeks around Darwin. Crabbing with Dad is the first book he has both written and illustrated.

Published by Magabala Books, 2017, soft cover, 32 pages.