Social Enterprise

Songlines operates as a social enterprise with the following mission to:

  • be a safe and welcoming space for everyone
  • offer a wide range of quality products from giftware to fine art with information about provenance
  • support artists from remote communities who live in or visit Darwin
  • provide employment opportunities for local First Nations Australians
  • offer cross-cultural learning experiences
  • promote cooperation and collaboration
  • promote fair trade
  • contribute to right livelihoods for creatives/makers/teachers from the Top End, wider Australia and beyond
  • make available work experience/internship/training/mentoring opportunities for Indigenous Australians
  • be a sustainable business
  • offer exhibitions that showcase artists, artisans and explore important themes
  • invest profits (when we make some!) into projects that create opportunities for our stakeholders

From our striking external window decals by acclaimed textile artists to the vibrant wall of textiles inside, the ancient to contemporary, visual arts, crafts and multimedia – be prepared to be surprised. We have created a new model for sharing a diverse range of arts and cultures of the Top End, remote Australia and beyond with you.