Nganana Tjungu (This Is Us) – 2022


In 2018 Ikuntji Artists collaborated with photographer Tobias Titz to create a unique body of artworks featuring polaroid portraits by Tobias Titz accompanied by etchings created by Ikuntji artists.

We now present:

Songlines Nganana Tjungu Tobias Titz Ikuntji Artists Exhibition

The diversity of styles in these works is striking, yet the body of work comes together as a powerful expression of the people, history and the rich culture of the art centre and the Haasts Bluff community. The 29 images are inspired by Tobias Titz’s long term ‘Polaroid project’ which began in 1998, one strand of which combines his instantaneous portraits of First Nations Australians with etchings made by them into the wet emulsion of the large format Polaroid negative.


The exhibition catalogue can be downloaded here: Nganana Tjungu (This Is Us)