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My Home in Kakadu by Jane Christophersen

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Through the eyes of her granddaughter, Tarrah, respected Bunitj elder and gifted story-teller Jane Christophersen reveals the beauty of life in Kakadu and the significance of the changing seasons to those who live there. Striking illustrations show all the elements of daily life as Tarrah goes into the bush with her family gathering fruits, fishing and hunting. My Home in Kakadu is filled with vibrant colors and images from Australia’s most famous national park. This delightful book includes a map and factual information about the seasons and foods of Kakadu.

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During her early years, Jane Christophersen was raised living off the land in the Kakadu National Park. Around age nine she was taken away to live with a family in Darwin. She is a traditional owner of Kakadu, an elder of the Bunitj clan and has also been a member of the Kakadu Board of Management. She believes that learning from experience is the most valuable way of teaching and that knowledge passed on through Aboriginal families is important for all children.

Illustrated by Christine Christophersen

Published by Magabala Books, 2005. Softcover, 32 pages.