The Northern Territory is home to peoples of many cultures, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It is a landscape that inspires creativity with its varied terrain, dramatic seasons, vivid sunsets and bountiful wildlife. Artists, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous create artworks that express their heritage and relationships and responses to land.

Songlines showcases the best the NT has to offer across a wide range of art forms and artists of different backgrounds. We tend to focus on the Top End but happily go south and beyond State borders to bring you a superb selection of arts and crafts from remote and regional Australia. Our arts and crafts are sourced directly from artists or from art centres or the eclectic collection of Anne Phelan and John Clark.

We have original artworks and/or limited edition prints in stock by: Geoff La Gerche, Peter Snelgar, Peter Barraclough, Yvonne Boag, Robert Wynne, David Larwill and many more.

All artworks are provenanced so you know who the creator(s) is/are and the origin of the artwork. Some artworks are sourced from art centres and others directly from individual artists.

We also encourage our cyber and onsite visitors to learn more about the artists and craftspeople we stock – by providing information and links to participating art centres and the websites of individual artists.

If you are an artist interested in showcasing your work, get in touch.