Framed Gallery

For many years 55 Stuart Highway was home to Framed – The Darwin Gallery. Anne Phelan followed her heart and took the bold step to leave teaching to establish Framed Galley in 1985. It quickly became a Darwin institution and one of Australia’s most interesting and diverse fine art and craft galleries. Over the years she hosted hundreds of outstanding exhibitions by artists from all over Australia, everything from artisanal glass bird baths to massive landscapes. Anne had a fabulous eye, a strong commitment to supporting both emerging and established artists and was warmly welcoming. With the ethos ‘art for everybody’ she built up a loyal following and many people have come in to share their stories of visiting Framed Gallery and fondness and respect for Anne. Framed Gallery closed in 2017.

Anne and her business partner and husband John Clark have collaborated with Songlines to give access to their extraordinary collection of modern Australian art, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It features original artworks from art centres in the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Central Australia and artists such as Geoff Todd, Geoff La Gerche, Peter Snelgar as well as a superb range of limited edition prints from the Australian Art Print Network. We are delighted to have access to this stock, as are many of our customers.