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Delia Bag – Seven Sisters (Printed in Oz)

$110.00 inc. GST

Delia bags have a sleek form and adjustable strap making them a very practical and stylish bag. Delias are one of our customers’ top picks!

This Delia bag features a digitally printed fabric design based on an original artwork by Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell   from Papulankutja Artists in the Ngaanyatjara Lands of Western Australia.

This Delia bag features fabric produced by Flying Fox Fabrics under license in collaboration with Papulankutja Artists (more info below).

Printed in Australia.

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Fabric: Feature fabric is printed in Australia on linen/cotton.

H: 27cm (12.6 inch)
W: 24cm (9.5 inch)
Base: 6cm (2.4 inch)


  • Fully lined
  • Zip closure
  • Adjustable strap
  • Can be worn on the shoulder or cross body
  • Two front, external zipper pockets
  • Internal zip pocket
  • Two internal pockets
  • Quality notions

Our Delia bags are made by Women for Women, our partner foundation based in Cambodia. Women for Women prides itself in providing opportunities and skills that empower Cambodian women and girls to be leaders in their community. Each Delia Bag is handmade with love and care by the women of Women for Women, so please note that every bag is unique, and the placement of the fabric design is different on each item.

Featured Fabric: Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters) by Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell 

This Tjukurpa (Dreamtime/Creation Story) explains the creation of two constellations: the Pleiades and Orion.

Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters) are being relentlessly pursued by Wati Nyiru. Nyiru fell in love with the sisters but he is ‘wrong skin’ to marry them. Nevertheless, he chases them across the country and tries to catch them by using magic to turn into the most tempting kampurarrpa (bush tomato) and the most beautiful Yirli (wild fig tree) to eat and camp under. However, the sisters are too clever and outwit him again and again.

The sisters moved across the landscape but ever persistent he always finds them. Eventually they fly into the sky to escape thus forming the Pleiades. He follows and we can see him as Orion. This is a major Tjukurpa for Yanangu people in the Ngaanyatjara Lands.

Papulankutja Artists and Flying Fox Fabrics:

This Nancy Bag features fabric from the collaboration between Papulankutja Artist and Flying Fox Fabrics. This collaboration has produced a vibrant range of digitally printed fabrics which feature original artworks from Papulankutja artists. The artist of each artwork is paid royalties for every metre printed.

Papulankutja Artists is a community-based, not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation governed by a committee of elected members. Papulankutja (Blackstone) is a community located within the Ngaanyatjarraku Shire Council, Western Australia and is approximately 800 km south west of Alice Springs, NT. The art centre supports local artists and those living in neighbouring community Mantamaru (Jameson), 70 km to the west.

Flying Fox Fabrics is a social enterprise based in Darwin. Flying Fox Fabrics specialises in ethically value-adding to fabric which is designed by First Nations people by making accessories, clothing, and homewares. Flying Fox Fabrics products are made in partnership with fair trade organisations in Cambodia that train and employ disables artisans. Their work is highly skilled and showcases the First Nations fabrics with great respect.