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Alison Dowell – Scrub Fowl

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Here’s your chance to have your very own Orange footed Scrubfowl (Megapodius reinwardt) aka bush chook.

Widespread across Darwin, these cheeky native birds merrily dig up borders and garden beds in search of tasty grubs and worms with their giant orange feet… annoying tidy gardeners, keeping us awake at night with their yodelling calls. Love them or hate them! These ones will do your garden no harm.

Hand made in Darwin by the multi-talented Alison Dowell.

Dimensions: 30 (h), 15 (w) cm

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Alison has been based in Darwin for 33 years, she has worked energetically across the Northern Territory since 1990, initiating community art projects, exhibitions, workshops, teaching programs and public sculptures. Alison is also a prolific painter and sketcher, capturing moments in time.