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Organic Cotton Sarong – Hailstorm Dreaming

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Delightful lightweight sarong/wrap, the design is based on an original artwork by Damien & Yilpi Marks. This sarong is so soft to touch and lovely to wear, as well as being ethically produced.

Dimensions: 115 x 200cm

Composition: Woven organic cotton

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Artist: Damien & Yilpi Marks from Central Australia.

Story: Hailstorm Dreaming

Yilpi’s grandfather was killed by a hailstorm. As a stubborn young man he didn’t listen to the elders who told him a big storm was coming. His body was found accidentally by children gathering bush food and swimming in the newly filled rockholes in another area of the country. This story is told to the children to teach them the importance of listening to their elders.

Manufactured by Better World Arts (South Australia) – accredited by the Fair Trade Association of Australia

Royalties on sales are paid to the artists/their families.

Better World Arts ethos “By developing new and innovative projects, we can continue to distribute generous royalties to artists and support economic sustainability for communities in developing regions.”