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Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists by Vivien Johnson

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Through widely researched biographies of more than 200 artists, this book chronicles the beginnings of the Western Desert art movement and the phenomenal development of its founding art company over four decades, illuminating lives balanced between first contact and international stardom, poverty and record auction prices. Lavishly illustrated with portraits and artwork, this account celebrates the individual lives of the artists, showcasing the importance of what they share–family and country, significant sites, tjukurrpa (dreaming) and life histories.

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The most widely known story of Australian art is about the beginnings of Papunya Tula. It has, says Vivien Johnson, been ‘retold so often that it almost has the force of Dreaming’. Its force is not just due to the story’s frequent telling, but also to the crime with which it begins, which was the making of prohibited images. From a review by Ian A. McLean

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415 pages