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Doris Gingingara – Barramundi – Summer

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Barramundi are the iconic estuarine fish of Australia’s Top End. This is a vibrant hand screen-printed artwork created by Arnhem Land artist Doris Gingingara. The colours express Summer time.

Each print is individually numbered and shipped with a certificate.

This print is shipped with mat board (around the print) and backing, ready to put in a frame!

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  • Size of image 16 x 23 cm
  • Size of paper 25 x 35 cm
  • Artist: Doris Gingingara
  • Language group: Burarra
  • DOB: 1946-1999


Barramundi are the iconic game fish of the Top End of Australia. They can grow up to 200 cm in length and 60 kg. Interestingly, during their lifecycle, they change sex from male to female.

Barramundi is a very important fish for Aboriginal people. They are found in the ocean, in floodwaters, and in freshwater billabongs, rivers and creeks. In the old days, people used to spear them with three-pronged fish spears or catch them in nets.  They are most easily caught from the end of the monsoon (March -April) until the humid “build up” season (October-November). There are sites in lots of clan countries where the ancestral Barramundi placed itself as a Dreaming.


Doris was born in Maningrida, 500 km east of Darwin in Central Arnhem Land. Her childhood was spent learning traditional skills. She told the story of being taken by Mimi spirits when she was a little girl and put into a tree to be taught about basket weaving and fibre net making.

The inspiration for Doris’ art came from her childhood and everyday life including being in the bush, totems, sacred places, ceremonies and cultural traditions. What we get from her work is intricate detail of the natural world seen from an Aboriginal woman’s perspective, an insight into the complex relationship of the artist and natural world.

Doris Gingingara did her schooling in Darwin and went home to visit her family at holiday time. When Cyclone Tracy demolished Darwin in 1974, Doris was sent first to Perth, then to Geraldton and later moved to remote Mount Magnet WA. Doris stayed in this outback mining town with her French-born husband Danny, until her untimely death at the age of 53 in 1999. She was a vivacious woman with wonderful artistic talent that was recognised internationally. She is sorely missed.

Her artworks are in the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia and Flinders University Art Museum.

In the 1990s she collaborated with Western Australian company Desert Designs on a number of limited edition screen-prints and a clothing range. We are delighted to stock her collection of 8 gorgeous small prints each rendered in four different seasons (Summer, Spring, Wet and Dry). They work beautifully individually and as a set.

Size of print with mat board and foamcore backing 28 x 38 cm