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Art – History – Place by Christine Nicolls

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In this text Dr Christine Nicholls looks at the astonishing diversity and visual power of Indigenous Australian art today and explores the traditions and influences that have shaped its development. , From the traditional work of artists from the Central and Western Desert regions and the rarrk painters of Arnhem Land to contemporary Indigenous crafts and Western influenced paintings of artists such as Ian Abdulla, she shares her deep knowledge of her subject.

Christine is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at The Australian National University, Canberra.

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Christine has been involved in education, both in the tertiary and schooling sectors, since launching her teaching career in Sydney in the early 1970s. Beginning in the early 1980s, Christine Nicholls spent more than a decade living at Lajamanu, a remote Warlpiri Aboriginal settlement in the Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory, where she worked first as a linguist and then as the Principal of the local school, and played an instrumental part during the beginning of the art movement at Lajamanu. She is also a proficient speaker of, and/or understands, a number of Aboriginal languages, particularly the Warlpiri language.

Published by Working Title Press 2003