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Wan’kurra The Golden Bandicoot by Diane Lucas & Colwyn Campbell

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Wan’kurra (Golden Bandicoots) are an animal that has disappeared from most of mainland Australia. Their last recorded sighting in the Northern Territory was in the 1950’s. When hairs are discovered 
on Martjanba Island in scats of wild dogs, Aboriginal people of the Wessel Islands are asked about their knowledge of Wan’kurra, and reveal the story.
Can these small animals be brought back from the brink of extinction by translocating them to other islands?


Diane Lucas works as an ethnocologist with her husband. They travel around northern Australia doing work related to this as well as botanical and fire ecology work. Diane was a school teacher on an Aboriginal outstation in Kakadu during 1983 and 84. From 1991 to 96 she worked on a research project documenting traditional resources on the South Alligator River floodplain and surrounds. She now lives only two hours from Kakadu and maintains a strong relationship with the people and country there.

She has published a number of books in collaboration with illustrators. We stock her entire range.

Published by Waterlily Publications, 2012, Format, Hard cover, 39 pages.