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Injalak Hill Rock Art by Injalak Arts

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Injalak Hill is a sandstone outcrop that rises majestically above the floodplains surrounding the small community of Gunbalanya in western Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Home to our ancestors since time immemorial its many rock faces and shelters are world famous for the antiquity and diversity of the art found there. Injalak Arts, our Aboriginal owned artists’ Association, was given the role of Djunkay (custodian) for the safekeeping and sharing of the rock art sites on Injalak Hill.

This is our story.

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The guiding principle of our art centre is ‘sharing and teaching our culture‘.

Injalak Arts is an 100% Aboriginal owned non-profit artists cooperative (incorporated as a NT Association) located in Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) in the Nothern Territory of Australia. Injalak Arts is also one of Australia’s longest running and most successful remote community art centres.We have more than 300 active artists as members. See this lovely short video about Injalak Arts.

The commonly spoken language in the area is Kunwinjku and members of Injalak Arts must be Aboriginal Kunwinjku speakers. Located in West Arnhem Land and famous as the home of ‘x-ray’ art, the artists of the region have been making collectible and acclaimed artworks for more than a century.  Based on imagery found in rock art throughout the region, and part of a continuous culture dating back more than 20,000 years, the figurative themes in the paintings of the region feature animals, plants, spirits and creation ancestors.

Published by Injalak Arts & Crafts, 2018, 37 pages, Paperback