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The Dreaming Path by Paul Callaghan

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The ancient wisdom in this book will give you tips, practices, inspiration and motivation that can enable you to achieve a state of mind, body and spirit wellness you didn’t think possible.

Tired of going around in circles? The Dreaming Path has always been there, but in the modern-day world, it can be hard to find. There are so many demands on us – family, health, bills, a mortgage, a career – that it can be hard to remember what’s most important: you. It’s time to reconnect with your story. Through conversations, exercises, Dreaming stories and key messages, in The Dreaming Path Paul Callaghan and Uncle Paul Gordon share knowledge that reveals the power of Aboriginal spirituality as a profound source of contentment and wellbeing for anyone willing to listen.

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Paul Callaghan is a First Nations custodian in the land now called Australia. Paul belongs to the land of the Worimi people which is located on the east coast of Australia about 2 hours north of Sydney, New South Wales. He is an Aboriginal story teller and dancer. Paul has held a number of senior executive positions in his career and has qualifications in a diverse range of disciplines including surveying, drafting, accounting, economics, training, executive leadership, emotional intelligence, company boards, and executive/organisational coaching.

Paul’s passion however has always been around healing individuals, communities and the Earth our Mother. His corporate roles have always incorporated this passion.

Paul has been ‘going bush’ for many, many years and learning traditional ‘Lore’ from his Elders much of which he is willing to share with those who respect it.

Paul also ran a very successful spiritual/energy healing practice for many years with a wide variety of clients and illnesses.

The underpinning foundation of the book is his journey through depression and the role Aboriginal culture, spirituality and philosophy had in not only enabling him to recover, but also empowering him to live life by his truth rather than everybody else’s expectations. The book has a number of exercises and models based on his experience aimed at assisting people from all walks of life to build the courage and skills to live a life of purpose, choice and wellbeing. You will find it is a combination of styles including textbook, self help,

Published by, Limited, 2022. 350 pages, Paperback