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Spines in the Sand by Diane Lucas

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‘What’s that strange dark bundle rolling across the sand?’ Pedro and his mum rush to find out.
Following animal tracks to see where an animal leads you is a wonderful journey with a child.


Diane Lucas works as an ethnocologist with her husband. They travel around northern Australia doing work related to this as well as botanical and fire ecology work. Diane was a school teacher on an Aboriginal outstation in Kakadu during 1983 and 84. From 1991 to 96 she worked on a research project documenting traditional resources on the South Alligator River floodplain and surrounds. She now lives only two hours from Kakadu and maintains a strong relationship with the people and country there.

She has published a number of books in collaboration with illustrators. We stock her entire range.

Published by Waterlily Publications, 2011, Format, Paper cover, 28 pages.