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Yuyuya Nampitjinpa – Umari, 2006

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Yuyuya is an acclaimed Pintubi Aboriginal artist born c.1946 in remote Central Australian desert. She is a senior ceremony woman, and jointly leads the ceremonial dancing in Kintore. Her work is held in the collections of the NGA, San Antonio Museum of Art (USA) and the Voituron Collection (Belgium) among others.

Her artwork reflects her profound understanding of the sites she paints and the symbols of the Tjukurrpa (ancestral creation stories). This glorious painting depicts Umari rockhole and the two key edible plants associated with the site.

Dimensions: 137 x 122 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Belgian linen, stretched.

Provenance: Papunya Tula Artists. Original certificate provided.

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This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site of Umari, situated in sandhill country, east of Mt Webb in central Western Australia. A large group of ancestral women travelled east from Umari to the rockhole site of Kalipinpa, a major water Tjukurrpa (ancestral creation or Dreaming) site north of Sandy Blight Junction.

As they travelled they gathered edible berries kknown as kampurarrpa or desert raisin from the small shrub Solanum central, and pura or bush tomato form the shrub Solanum chippendalei. Kampurarrpa berries can be eatn straight from the bush but are sometimes ground into a paste and cooked in teh coals to form a type of damper. Pura is the size of a small apricot and after the seeds are removed, can be stored for long periods by halving the fruit and skewering them onto a stick. The numerous small circles in the work represent the berries collected at this site, while the two larger roundels are the rockholes at Umari.

Yuyuya Nampitjinpa Biography

Yuyaya Nampitjinpa was born west of Muyinga in Western Australia, just over the Northern Territory border, circa 1946. Her family moved into Haasts Bluff in the 1950’s and later to the newly formed Papunya Community. She is the sister of the well known artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. In 1999, Yuyuya contributed to the Kintore women’s painting as part of the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.

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Selected Collections

  • National Gallery of Australia.
  • Griffith University Art Collection.
  • Aboriginal Art Museum, The Netherlands.
  • San Antonio Museum of Art, Texas, USA.
  • Voituron Collection, Belgium.
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