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Peter Newry – Nilligum

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Peter Newry was a significant Aboriginal artist who was active 2002 – 2012. This limited edition screen print depicts the hills known as Nilligum, close to the artist’s homeland.

This print was commissioned by the Australian Art Print Network in collaboration with Waringarri Arts in Kununurra, WA.

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  • Type: Screenprint
  • Edition: 99
  • Paper: Magnani Pescia
  • Size: 460 x 660 mm (image size) and 560 x 760 mm (paper size)
  • Printer: Basil Hall Editions, Darwin NT


This screen print depicts the billabong known as Nilligum, close to the artist’s homeland. This is an area of the artist’s traditional country at the north end of Newry Station. The billabong is indicated by the yellow area is Nilligum. In the hills above the billabong, the one at the far right is called Mowiya. This is the place where the diamond headed rock python used to live. But the Langerrung – King Brown snake – came and stole that hill place away from the rock python, so the python left to Bucket Springs area where the spring is at Doojum. Lungerrun took that hill ten acre area away to Lungabi, that is a place only about two hundred yards away to the left of the billabong Nilligum.

Peter Newry Artist Biography

Lived: c1939 – 2012

Language: Miriwoong
Country: Newry Station NT

Courtesy: Waringarri Arts

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