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Peter Newry – Binjin (Keep River)

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Peter Newry was a significant Aboriginal artist who was active 2002 – 2012. This limited edition screen print depicts Binjin, a site in the artist’s homeland.

This print was commissioned by the Australian Art Print Network in collaboration with Waringarri Arts in Kununurra, WA.

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  • Type: Screen print
  • Edition: 99
  • Paper: Magnani Pescia
  • Size: 460 x 660 mm (image size) and 560 x 760 mm (paper size)
  • Printer: Basil Hall Editions, Darwin NT


This print shows country at Binjin, now a part of Keep River National Park and traditional area of Mirawoong people. The yellow lines represent the waterways. The main one, diagonally crossing the image is Moonoomoorren – Keep River. Ngalanum is a rocky hill indicated by a red ochre circle in the upper left. The yellow circle is Moorrloom – a billabong. The curve in the top of the upper large hill is an ear call Mirrgnum. This is the place where the old peopel were dancing in the dreamtime. Below this hill is a creek called Midjoom and the small creaking joining it is Midjoom Nurrikung. The junction of Midjoom with Moonoomoorrem is called Larrgun. This is a big fishing hole and lots of crocodiles are here too. We don’t go there. The hill areas at the bottom of the painting have no names. They are there bu these hills are not part of the story.

Peter Newry Artist Biography

Lived: c1939 – 2012

Language: Miriwoong
Country: Newry Station NT

Courtesy: Waringarri Arts

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