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Birds of Darwin Region by Niven McCrie and Richard Noske

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Birds of the Darwin Region is the first comprehensive treatment of the avifauna of Darwin, a city located in Australia’s monsoon tropics, where seasons are defined by rainfall rather than by temperature.

This book is a must-read for professional ornithologists and amateur birders, and an indispensable reference for local biologists, teachers, and students, and government and non-government environmental agencies, as well anyone who just likes to watch birds.

Published by CSIRO, 464 pages, softback

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With its mangrove-lined bays and creeks, tidal mudflats, monsoon rainforests, savannah woodlands, and freshwater lagoons, Darwin has retained all of its original habitats in near-pristine condition, and is home or host to 323 bird species. Unlike other Australian cities, it has no established exotic bird species. Stunning colour photographs adorn the accounts of bird species, including some of the 65 species considered as vagrants to the region.