Luku Ngarra – Film Screening 7th October

Please join us at 4 pm on Saturday 7th October for a screening of a groundbreaking independent documentary by award winning Director/Producer/Editor Sinem Saban. Luku Ngarra – Our Law Since Before Time Began.

Songlines will be open from 10 am and screening will start at 4 pm. Doors will close at 4.15, so please don’t be late. The running time is 75 minutes.

Tickets available online HERE or at Songlines

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM of Elcho Island has been fighting for the political and spiritual freedom of his people for over 40 years. This independent Indigenous funded film is an unflinching presentation of how the dominant paradigm has forced itself upon the lives of First Nations people, creating chaos and devastation to their everyday lives, their culture and their law.

Combined with his well-known directness, his wisdom as a spiritual teacher as well as his authority as a senior initiated law man, Dr Gondarra insists that we finally look at the big questions around law and freedom, whilst offering an illuminating message for all of humanity.

Director Sinem Saban’s 20 year relationship with the Yolngu of Northeast Arnhem Land is evident from the intimacy and access shared on camera, featuring rare footage of traditional law ceremonies that have been practised for over 60,000 years, as well as uninhibited interviews of refreshing depth and honesty.

  • Winner of ‘The Change Award‘ Adelaide Film Festival 2022
  • Winner of ‘Human Rights Award’ Montreal Independent Film Festival 2023

NB: bench seats provided, however, please bring your own chair if you want a bit of comfort.

FUNDRAISER: Proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the making and distribution of the film.